Hyde Heath Village Society will hold their first public meeting which will be open to all.

It will take place at the Village Hall on Sunday 12th May 2013 at 6pm (doors open at 5.30pm) and will cover issues including  Changes in Green Belt, Members concerns and HS2 including compensation

The recently reestablished Village Society has been operating for just over one month and is now in a position to issue its first Newsletter. The purpose of this communication is to briefly set out concerns raised by members and to report on actions being taken to address the issues.
Sunday 12th May 2013 – Hyde Heath Village Hall 6 pm – Issues – Changes in Green Belt – Members concerns – HS2 including compensation

Website - New site constructed by Steve Bates is now ‘live’   

HS2 - it is hoped to arrange a bi-lateral meeting in the near future -with HS2 Limited - to discuss the implications of the Mantles Wood proposals. Please also see www.hs2aa.org  for further information about Compensation and help in responding to latest  Consultation.
Speeding - Arrangements being made for sharing of Vehicle Activated Mobile Sign – similar to the permanent sign on entering Wendover – probably effective by Summer 2013
Parking - Discussions with Barnardos have already led to some improvements in main road parking – Parking in Brays Lane outside Shop to be encouraged to be restricted to no more than 20 minutes at any one time.
Common Land - now fully identified and steps being taken for its protection. Chiltern District Council to repair byways in May which cross the Common.
General Tidiness - Litter Pick held 20th April  –  but some concerns remain as regards ongoing problems - Also Work Parties undertaking clearance work on Common Land making area behind Pavilion more accessible. Vehicles being discouraged from parking/driving on Common Land especially alongside Bus Shelter/Franklins Yard approaches and the other ‘road’ crossing the Common opposite the Plough

Green Belt  - Villagers are encouraged to respond to the Chiltern District Council’s consultation document regarding proposed changes to the Green Belt.   The “Delivery Development Plan Document: Public Participation”, the Council’s Response Form and the associated Equalities Monitoring Form are currently available via a link on the home page of the Council’s website (www.chiltern.gov.uk).   Plans showing the effect of the proposed changes on Hyde Heath are contained within the “Green Belt” section of “The evidence base informing the Delivery Development Plan Document” (click on the link within the page entitled “Delivery Development Plan Document: Public Participation” to download)

Shop - Society is engaging with Shop Committee with a view to ensuring continued sustainability of this very important village asset.
Village Fete  - Society will be represented at the Fete – views of members and others welcome on the day

Other issues to be addressed Fly Tipping – Roads – pot holes etc – Public Transport – Broadband