Ultra Fast Broadband Update

We have some amazing news!!
The broadband upgrade scheme to install full fibre internet to the properties in Hyde Heath CAN be fully funded (using the government’s Gigabit voucher scheme) for FREE*

In order for this to be free, we need 53% of properties to formally commit to taking an upgraded package (approximately an additional £5 per month) for a minimum 12 month contract period (which we will hit if those who expressed interest take up the offer)

The plan is to proceed with Openreach, with what they call a "demand-led" scheme.  Openreach add a buffer of 30% to the costs for a demand-led scheme. To achieve signoff we need to hit 53% adoption across the village. Any of the 415 properties in Hyde Heath can sign up, even if they didn't register interest previously.

The demand-led scheme avoids the onerous task of setting up a Legal Entity (a Company) to sign a contract with OpenReach (and HHVS isn't a legal entity, so cannot sign the contract). We still have the ability to fall back to this option, if we don’t hit 53% signup.

Down the line, we will all have to formally sign up to the scheme with Openreach.

Survey - Register Interest

If you haven't previously registered interest, please provide your details here:

This does not commit you to taking an ultrafast broadband.

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