Ultra Fast Broadband FAQ

Will Openreach need to dig up my road?

Openreach will usually deliver the new fibre via exiting poles and ducts, very occasionally they may need to install new duct and poles but they can usually deliver over the existing infrastructure.

How can one know if a fibre cable would come into the house underground or overhead?

It follows the current route.

Would normal voice line come through the same fibre cable or via a copper cable? 

Customers can choose if they wish to have a Voice Over IP service or keep a copper line for their voice calls.

Fibre to the Premise will be included in the contract for those specified on the contract. If someone wants a connection later – will it be a standard connection charge for them for them or incur some cost?

The new fibre connections will bypass the cabinet, and are supplied directly from the exchange in Chesham to your local pole. If you don’t upgrade now, there may not be capacity and could require a new fibre connection from the exchange in Chesham.

If there is capacity, there will likely be a connection charge, without the benefit of funding through the Gigabit voucher scheme. 

What equipment will be provided at the end of the fibre cable - just the optical network terminal (ONT) box? 

Just a box, a bit larger than your current Master Socket. There is a video:

Will I need a new router and if so when do I get it?

When you order service this will be sent to you from your Internet Service Provider.

Where the road/pavement/lawns/walls are dug up for the fibre cables – will Openreach make good the surfaces after the work?

Yes, the only exception is if a drive is a specialist surface such as Resin, when the individual customer will need to arrange and pay for the re-instatement

What will be the process of discussing the fibre route when there is a need (previous route is unclear or sub-optimal or crosses someone’s private land, etc.)?

With the exception of the link to someone’s home the route is as per existing and is known - it follows the current cables.

When will Openreach need to enter my home?

The project will deliver a full fibre solution from the exchange to your property, however Openreach do not enter your home when we are building the network. The final connection into your property will be done when you place an order with your Service Provider. 

Can you Fibre just to the road and then we dig up our own gardens (lead ins)?

This is possible but makes the scheme very complex. All leads in will need to have been completed and inspected before the network can be set to go live. Openreach do not recommend this approach.