Ultra Fast Broadband Campaign

Hyde Heath Village Society are looking at opportunities to further improve our broadband infrastructure throughout the village, to increase speed, reduce monthly cost and improve reliability by getting full fibre broadband to your property.

The government and Buckinghamshire County Council are offering a combined grant of £3500 per property (or £7000 if there is a business registered at the address) to install fibre cabling from the cabinet to each property. By coordinating all the properties within the village, we believe we have access to a potential of £1.4 million of free funding available for our village!!

We have kicked off an initial discussion with BT Openreach, but are in somewhat of a chicken and egg situation. Before they work out any costings, they want to know which properties are interested. We would like to include all properties in that list, to maximise the funding available through free grants.

Expressing an interest, does not commit you the upgrade. There will be a further opportunity to consider this, should the free grants not be enough to cover the upgrade.

For that reason we are seeking to coordinate all properties within the village, to explore this opportunity.

BT Openreach require us, to collect property address, postcode and landline number, and whether there is a business, charity or school at the address. In addition, we would like to collect your name and email address, in order to contact you in the future, particularly in relation to progress on this.

Survey - Register Interest

Click here to register your detail / interest

Next Phase

Once we have gathered the information, and submitted this to BT Openreach, we should obtain a quote as to the cost of implementing the solution, and we will be in a position to assess the next steps.

Our previous successes

Just as a reminder, we kicked of a campaign in 2014 to upgrade the Keepers Lane / Weedon Hill cabinet. Before the campaign we weren't even on the 2 year roadmap. However by demonstrating the combined interest, we jumped straight to the top of the list for an upgrade!

Our current infrastructure

Currently Hyde Heath enjoys fibre to the cabinet (FTTC)? However the connection from your property is still via copper cable (or in some cases, ageing aluminium - which is becoming brittle).

Recent events have shown the fragility of this cabling within Hyde Heath, how easy it is to fail and how long it can take to rectify. 

Our current speed

This offers speeds up to 80Mbps download and crucially for the likes of Zoom calls, only 20Mbps upload. Even then many people will find they are getting less than this due to poor cabling or distance for the cabinets.

Our potential speed

Ultra Fast broadband replaces this last leg of copper cabling from the cabinet to your property with optic fibre cable. Otherwise known as fibre to the property (FTTP)

This is also an opportunity to renew the infrastructure within the village.

What is the cost? What speed can I expect?

All your existing deals will still be available.

However a range of additional options will become available:

For virtually the same price, there is the option of 100Mbps download and 30Mbps £29.99. This compares with 40Mbps download and 10Mbps upload now available for £28.99.

In addition there are options of

£39.99 for 300Mbps download/49Mbps upload

£49.99 for 900Mbps download/110Mbps upload

Where are our cabinets?

We have two cabinets in Hyde Heath.

Cabinet 6, resides near the junction of Keepers Lane and Weedon Hill, and serves approximately 110 properties on Weedon Hill, Keepers Lane, 1 - 24 Walnut Way and Oakway.

Cabinet 28 resides near the junction of Brays Lane and Meadow Way and serves Brays Lane, Brays Green Lane, Chalk Lane, the rest of Walnut Way and the other properties that side of the village.

 We will also be happy to support villagers in Hyde End, should we receive enough interest.