Super Fast Broadband Campaign Success

We have received some exciting news! The campaign for Superfast Broadband has been a success and we are going to receive an upgrade to Superfast Broadband!

We have had confirmation from Connected Counties, that the BT Cabinet which provides telephone and internet services to our homes (on Weedon Hill, Keepers Lane, Nos. 1 - 24 Walnut Way and OakView), are going to be upgraded to provide Superfast Fibre Broadband. Even better, we have been fast-tracked onto an existing phase (phase 6), so the work to begin the upgrade is due to commence within the next three months and they hope that the work will be completed by the end of December. And the best news is, we won’t have to pay anything towards the upgrade.
Many thanks to those, who have continued to petition Connected Counties for an upgrade, and also many thanks to all of you, who having responded to the survey have helped demonstrate the demand for Superfast broadband.


We received 54 responses (out of a possible 110) and of those who responded, virtually all said they would be keen to receive and would pay for fibre broadband.

Super Fast Broadband Campaign

Super Fast Broadband Questionnaire


What to look out for

Our existing green BT Cabinet (about 1 metre high by 1 metre wide) is located on Weedon Hill near the junction of Keepers Lane. An additional green cabinet will be installed to provide fibre broadband services. This will be within 50m of the existing cabinet, but in reality, I imagine this will be alongside the exisitng cabinet.

Village Society Membership
This campaign demonstrates what we can achieve together. We would welcome anyone who has yet to join to society, to sign up as a new member  Membership is a one off fee of £10 per household. Further details and the form are available at: membership.aspx