Improving your mobile phone reception

As most people are aware, mobile reception is patchy in the village, and we have received questions about improving reception.

Whilst getting a new mast may be a challenge, for those who are not aware, there are immediate solutions available to individuals to improve the situation, 

Which provider?

Firstly, personally, I would only use O2 within the village. I have no affiliation, but O2 seem to provide the best reception around the village. I expect most people already know that, so are already on O2. For this reason, the advice below relates specifically to O2, but each provider will have alternatives.

How to improve reception

Whilst there is nothing that can be done, away from your house, there are two options to improve reception within the home.

Option 1

The first and simplest option for most users, who are on a consumer O2 tariff, is to use the TuGo application from O2.

This allows you to make and receive mobile calls via your wireless network in your home. This can be installed on all manner of devices, not just your phone, and on up to five devices simultaneously for the same number. The app can be installed on an IPhone, IPad, a Google Android phone, an Android tablet, a Windows 8 phone, or even a Windows 7 or above PC. The device of course needs a Wi-Fi connection. 

Google PlayStore -

Apple AppStore -

One issue you might face, is an inconsistent Wi-Fi signal throughout your house. If this is an issue, there are fairly simple ways to improve your Wi-Fi signal around your house, which are documented below.

Option 2

The second option, (which I use - as TuGo wasn’t available at the time), is to sign up one of your tariffs to O2 Business, and then buy an O2 BoostBox (which costs £150). The BoostBox isn’t available to users on a consumer tariff and isn’t widely publicised, but it is essentially identical to the Vodafone SureSignal (the hardware is the same). It connects to your broadband router and provides a 3G signal around your house. You provide a list of up to 32 mobile numbers, that you allow to connect through the device (although only 4 at any one time). You need a 3G phones for this to work. The other phones can be on any O2 based network (EG. O2 Consumer tariff, Tesco Mobile or Giff Gaff). I also believe, once you have the BoostBox, you can switch back to a consumer tariff, but I haven't tried this, 

I don't believe you actually need a company to sign up, just choose the non-limited company option, and make up a company name.

BoostBox links:

Support: Support