HS2 Ltd/HHVS Bilateral Meeting

On the 11 July, Hyde Heath Village Society held a bilateral meeting with a team from HS2.

Bilateral meetings are being run by HS2 to enable communities affected by the building and the running of the high speed railway to discuss the issues and problems that will arise. The goal of these meeting is to get HS2 to take action to mitigate as much as possible the impact of the line on the community.

The key areas dscussed were:

  • Mantles Wood tunnel exit and the green cutting from the tunnel exit up to South Heath.
  • The Hyde Heath road, which will be the transport route in and out of the site. It’s not wide enough to take passing HGV’s. It needs to be 7.9 metres wide its 5.9 metres.
  • Will the cut and fill from the green cutting to taken away along the Hyde Heath road?
  • Working hours which could be 24 hours?
  • Stopping HGV’s and contractors vehicles coming through the village to the site.

The minutes of the meeting will by uploaded shortly.