30 May 2013 - HS2 Roadshow - Questions to Ask

We have compiled a list of questions for residents attending HS2 roadshow to ask.

1) The current EU rules on the maximum lengths of tunnels are being reviewed and will allow long tunnels as of 2014. Why has HS2 not considered this and stopped the tunnel at Mantles Wood when it could be extended much further? This would stop the need for the destruction of the wood and the disruption on the country lanes and road.

By extending the tunnel it would prevent what HS2 describe as “considerable variance with existing character, degrading its integrity” to the landscape in the area of the HH cutting.


2) At the Mantles Wood site the HS2 in its ES statement say there will be 30 to 120 lorry movement a day, which it claims will represent a 30% increase in HGV traffic? How does HS2 calculate that when currently the number of HGV using the road is one an hour based on the HHVS survey?


3) How does HS2 plan to carry out this number of truck movement along the Hyde Heath road safely when the road is used a cyclists, walkers and equestrians when the road is only 5.9 metres wide when an average truck is 2.5 metres wide.


4) Does HS2 plan to upgrade the Hyde Heath road as it is not designed to take heavy traffic?


5) Would it not be safer to keep local traffic and the lorries apart to build a temporary road alongside the Hyde Heath road and have the trucks exit onto the Gt Missenden / Chesham road on a new roundabout?


6) What alternative routes been considered for removing spoil from the tunnel, directly down to the A413, rather up to the “long mile” in Hyde Heath?


7) Can HS2 confirm where the spoil is going to be disposed of?


8) The Hybrid bill will give contractors the right to make changes without consultation, what safeguards have HS2 in place to ensure the contractors abide by agreed mitigation agreements?


9) How many people will be working at the Mantles Wood site?


10) Will Mantles Wood having sleeping accommodation? Will there be any additional sites nearby for worker accommodation?


11) To save time lorry drivers could turn right and drive through the village centre. How will HS2 / contractors prevent this?


12) In the ES statement it states HS2 will have a construction force travel plan. It aim is reduce the number of car journeys, especially sole occupancy car travel. How will this be enforced especially when the contractors are running the contract? Will drivers be fined?


13) First thing in the morning the centre of Hyde Heath is very busy with children walking and getting buses to school.  Contractors travelling to work via the village centre will add to the risk of accidents. Can HS2 / contractors stop workers taking this route?


14) What will be the working hours / week of the Mantles Wood site?


15) What trees to HS2 plan to plant in the mitigation areas?  On average it takes a deciduous tree 20 years to grow to a size before they have any impact.


16) HS2 are no longer carrying out noise monitoring but are using sound waves. Why the change? Is HS2 expecting increase noise levels and that is why it is building noise bunds?