HS2 Update Meeting - 24th/28th Nov

HS2 Compensation Meeting

Village Hall

 The Court of Appeal ruled that the previous Consultation was so unfair as to be illegal. The new consultation contains proposals for a property bond but as currently proposed it is heavily restricted. The hardship rules applied by HS2 seek to prevent Hyde Heath from receiving compensation in the event we are blighted by HS2.

The government are re-running the consultation. YOUR PREVIOUS RESPONSE DOES NOT COUNT ANYMORE. New responses must be in by 4th December 2013. Anyone above Age 16 can respond. Each of your relatives and friends, even if they are unaffected by the line, can respond so spread the word.

Ideally a personal written response is best, but there are other ways to respond.

The Society have organised 2 meetings at the Village Hall to assist responding in more detail. Please make an effort to attend either of these meetings:

Sunday 24th November 2013 starting 4pm

Thursday 28th November 2013 starting 8pm

The meetings will provide HS2 updates, HS2 next steps and focus on the compensation package as proposed, how we can change the government’s proposal, how to respond and how you can help.

If you cannot attend then please go to www.hhvs.org.uk for further information on responding.

Alternatively, fill out and send one of the attached FREEPOST cards - more can be found at the village shop. We are aiming for 99% of the village to respond to this consultation for the sake of everyone in Hyde Heath.

You should respond regardless of whether you are affected or whether you agree with the proposal.


We do not know our future. This is our last chance to get rules in place that will care for everyone in the village for the next 20 years.