Super Fast Broadband Questionnaire

Broadband Questionnaire

We are starting a campaign to make SuperFast Fibre Broadband available to Keepers Lane, Weedon Hill, Walnut Way and OakView.

For more details on the campaign, and fibre broadband, visit: Super Fast Broadband Campaign

For the latest details regarding the campaign, please visit: Super Fast Broadband Campaign - Latest

We have a questionnaire we would like residents to complete below. This will help us gauge the level of interest, and help our fight to move this campaign forward. Please respond to the questionnaire, even if you are not interest, so we can build a complete and accurate view of the level of demand.

Registering Your Interest

Before completing the questionnaire, please register your interest at the following sites:

There are organisations, that record interest in fibre broadband, in order to determine which cabinets should be upgraded. By registering at these sites, you are not making commitments to take superfast broadband, but registering will improve the chances of receiving an upgrade.

BT Openreach: (opens in new window)

Connected Counties:  (opens in new window) - Click Register Now


Please complete the questionnaire below, and then click Submit Questionnaire. You should receive a confirmation email, if the submission is successful.

Any information provided will be held in the stricted trust, and will not be revealed outside the Village Society.


Q7 & Q8 - This only relates to communication between yourselves and the Village Society. We will not pass your details outside the Village Society if you answer yes to this question.

Q10 - We will only pass your details to OpenReach, Connected Counties or another company that may facilitate the upgrade to Superfast broadband.

Q16 - We would like to clarify. that all answers, especially this one, are confidential, and will not be disclosed outside the Village Society.